If you're looking to close more RE deals with even larger spreads, then you're in the right place.

Trusted By Top Investors Nation-Wide

The REI Sales Academy

Originally developed in 2014 by nationally recognized sales expert, John Martinez, the REI Sales Academy is widely regarded as the most effective REI sales training program in the country by investors, acquisition agents, top mastermind groups and educators.

This isn't old school, ineffective, pushy and manipulative sales tactics... The REI Sales Academy, and its team of expert trainers, promotes a simple & repeatable step by step sales process paired with incredibly effective and ethical sales tactics. If you want to close every closable lead, then you're in the right place.

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Don Costa

"I was literally talking to someone today that said they closed over $170k from one thing they picked up at the last trainingĀ event."


Brandon Barnes

"Just got a seller to drop her asking price $47,000 using one of the REI Sales Academy's ninja tricks."


Ryan Pineda

"We've had it less than a year and I would say it's given us at least a 30x return. And it will keep going up."

3,000+ Investors & AMs Currently Enrolled

#1 REI Sales Training Program in the U.S.

Most Referred Sales Training by Top Masterminds

14-28 Day ROI On Average

Zero Complaints In 6+ Years and 500+ Sales Teams Trained

Trusted by Investors Doing 2-100 Deals Per Month


Haim Mamane

"Just one deal... 2800% ROI. No Brainer."


Dominic Gauchat

"Theses sales strategies work. I just locked up a deal I would have never gotten before."


Gabriel Garcia

"We tied up a deal yesterday for $15k under 2 other investors offers they had in writing. "

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