We Help Businesses Generate More Revenue. Period.

Midwest Revenue Group is led by John Martinez, a serial entrepreneur, and  highly sought-after sales & marketing expert.

John has helped hundreds of small businesses increase revenue through cutting-edge sales and marketing solutions.


Revenue Generation Products & Services:

Are You A Real Esatate Investor? Looking For the REI Sales Academy?

John Martinez is a world-class sales trainer and is best known for his sales training in the real estate investment industry. John's scripts and sales & negotiation strategies have transformed the real estate investment industry, and are now widely accepted as the industry's gold standard.

Want to Hire Great Salespeople?

Would You Like To Know Who Can and Will Sell For You BEFORE You Hire Them? Our salesperson assessments are used by more than 11,000 companies in dozens of industries and on 1,000,000 salespeople. These assessments are sales specific, not "adapted" for sales. The accuracy is legendary.

Need To Turn More of Your Leads Into Sales? Need Sales Training?

The world of selling has changed. Selling features and benefits in this commoditized marketplace is no longer effective. Salespeople today must now rely on a straight-forward, non-manipulative, consultative sales process designed to close every closable deal with zero pressure or discomfort for the prospect sales process more than ever.

Want Help Markeing or Getting Leads?

It didn't happen overnight, but we now produce a 20x return on every marketing dollar spent. Our fully automated content marketing system delivers a consistent flow of highly qualified leads. If you're ready to build the marketing machine that will serve you long term, you'll want to check this out.

Would You Like to Become a Sales Trainer?

If you'd like to train salespeople, you're going to need a proven business model and high-impact sales training content. That's exactly what we have, but you'll need to add the hustle.