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This Bootcamp Video Series Will Give You A PROVEN, Documented Sales Process For Buying More Houses WITHOUT Gimmicks Or Having To Do A Lot Of “Convincing”.

When attempting to buy homes at deep discounts, do you get stuck haggling over price, often deal with sales stalls, and struggle to sell the "value" of what you do?

Do you want a non-manipulative way to get prospects to sell that doesn’t require sales “tricks,” groveling, discounting or other embarrassing tactics?

Then this program is for you.

You'll quickly learn a comprehensive, step-by-step sales process that is unlike ANY sales training you’ve ever experienced, because it STARTS with how you position yourself from the beginning, and uses a straightforward, direct and non-manipulative approach to helping clients.


Over 9 hours of REI Sales Master Classes!

Video #1: Introduction [21:02]

In the introduction we covered how this sales system and training program was developed over the last 20 years and the science, research, and data that it was built upon.

Video #2: The Problem With Traditional Selling Systems [27:53]

We made a list of everything that’s NOT working… like getting too many “maybes” and “think it overs”, feeling forced to compete against other offers, dealing with hesitant or reluctant sellers, etc. Then we put together a rock-solid plan to eliminate all of those sales frustrations one-by-one.

Video #3: The Perfect Sales Call [15:48]

We then outlined a perfect REI sales call, from start to finish, and established a great foundation to build upon.

Video #4: Setting the Stage for Open and Honest Communication [43:01]

The best REI salespeople in the country have very open and honest conversations with sellers… real and authentic. We covered how to remove the sales pressure and anxiety that prevent that type of conversation within the first 30 seconds of any interaction.

Video #5: Finding Motivation and Creating Urgency - How & Why People Sell [1:01:12]

We all know that motivated sellers are our target clientele. In this section we dove deep into the science of motivation, and how it's really very different than what most people think motivation is.

Video #6: Finding Motivation and Creating Urgency - Questioning Strategy [1:40:39]

After we all had the same understanding of what motivation actually is, we covered how to use a simple questioning strategy to take any tiny bit of motivation that exists in a seller and turn it into a tremendous sense of urgency to take action… and how to take non-motivated sellers and turn them into motivated sellers in under 10 minutes.

Video #7: Overcoming Resistance - Psychological Reactance [1:27:50]

No sales strategy or process works if your sellers refuse to talk to you, are hostile towards you, give you only one word answers… So, in this section we covered how to use my favorite sales tactic to remove all real and perceived pressure that sometimes causes resistance.

Video #8: Overcoming Resistance - Tactical Empathy [37:42]

Pressure isn't the only thing that can cause resistance. In this section we covered the other reason sellers sometimes put up walls and the only 2 sentences you need to eliminate that resistance. We also covered how to make an extremely low offer without ever offending or upsetting your prospect.

Video #9: Uncovering and Eliminating Deal Killers [1:08:40]

No matter how much motivation a seller has, sometimes things still get in the way and keep them from doing a deal. We all know this because we’ve walked away from sales calls with super motivated sellers… and no contract. In this section we covered how to quickly uncover anything that might get in the way of a deal, and how to move past it.

Video #10: Closing - The Transition Question [11:46]

Ever wonder when it's time to close the deal? In this section we covered the one question to ask that will let you know if it's time to close the deal or if you missed something important.

Video #11: Closing - Presentation [18:23]

You need to know how to make your offer seem like it’s customized and perfect for each seller… like your offer and seller are a match made in heaven… just through the way you present it. The right presentation will allow you to win deals even when you don’t have the highest offer... and in this section we covered exactly how to put that presentation together.

Video #12: Closing - Negotiation [26:00]

Negotiating is not a power move, it’s all about eliminating the fears that keep sellers from accepting your offer… the fear of leaving money on the table, of making a wrong decision, of being taken advantage of… In this section we talked about the four super simple and highly effective tactics needed to negotiate like a pro.

Also Included: Personal Playbook

Fill out this playbook while you watch the video series... and you'll end up with your very own step-by-step personalized sales process and scripting.

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