Hire A Trainer To Work 1-On-1 With Your Sales Team

This bespoke sales training program is for businesses that want industry-specific, company-specific and even individual salesperson-specific sales training.

We can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team down to a granular level. We'll let you know how much your team can improve, how long it will take and exactly what needs to be done to to get there. And... if you'd like our help, we'll get you there... to optimal performance levels.

Common Sales Problems Our Trainers Solve:

Hiring the Right Salespeople
Inadequate Sales Volume
Too Many "Maybes" & "Think It Overs"
Prospects Going Dark/Disappearing
Too Many Prospects Shopping Your Offer Around
Feeling Forced to Cut Margins to Win Deals
Long Sales Cycle
High Cost Per Sale
Excessive Turnover

Our Sales Philosophy Is Simple

Set the Stage for Open & Honest Communication

Create An Urgency to Take Action

Systematically Remove Deal Killers

When you know how to ESTABLISH OPEN & HONEST COMMUNICATION with your prospects, UNCOVER ALL OF THE COMPELLING REASONS WHY THEY WOULD DO BUSINESS WITH YOU, and SYSTEMATICALLY UNCOVER AND ELIMINATE EVERYTHING THAT COULD GET IN THE WAY, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly increase sales and build the business you dream of and deserve. All our material is designed to help you with those three elements, using cutting-edge proprietary strategies and tools.

Video Clips From Live Training Sessions

Typical Curriculum


We’ll make a list of everything that’s not working… Then we’ll put together a rock-solid plan to fix it all.


You'll get the outline to a perfect sales call.


You'll learn how to remove any sales pressure and prospect anxiety within the first 30 seconds of any interaction.


Discover how to use a simple questioning strategy to take any tiny bit of motivation that exists in a prospect and turn it into a tremendous sense of urgency to take action.


You'll master how to remove any prospect resistance, big or small, without having to do anything weird, uncomfortable.


You'll learn how to quickly uncover anything that might get in the way of a deal, and how to move past it.


The right presentation will position your solution as a match made in heaven.


You’ll learn four super simple and highly effective tactics to negotiate like a pro.


We'll run through common sales sales scenarios and role play.

MRG Sales Systems Are Utilized By Today's Business Icons

MRG has consulted with, and trained the sales teams of, business icons like Darren Hardy (publisher of Success Magazine and author of The Compound Effect), Dean Graziosi (over 1 Billion dollars in product sales), and Frank Kern (arguably the best direct response marketer in the United States).

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Darren Hardy - Former Publisher of Success Magazine

Industry/Company Specific

Many sales training systems are built to be delivered at scale. This means that all content has to be watered down, and generic enough to loosely apply to all industries, from auto sales to million dollar software packages and it's effectiveness is greatly diminished. MRG Sales Training is not only customized to specific industries, but it's customized to fit specific companies.


The key to mastering anything... athletics, the arts, and even sales... is repetition.

Most sales training programs available today are delivered via seminar or through brief training engagements, and because of that, any benefits of that training quickly disappear. MRG Sales Training is designed for lifetime access and continual improvement.

Inside-Out Training Methodology

A massive flaw in many sales training programs is that they have a tendency to paint prospects as the enemy... as people that make irrational and unpredictable decisions. Nothing could be further than the truth. Salespeople and their prospects are the exact same. MRG Sales Training forces salespeople to examine how they make buying decision, deal with pressure, discomfort, motivation, risk, etc. so they can truly understand how their prospects make buying decisions.

Backed By Science and Research

We now know exactly how people make decisions... including buying decisions... through countless studies in the fields of neuroscience, behavioral economics, behavioral psychology, biology, neuroeconomics and other social sciences. Old school sales myths about pushy and manipulative selling have now been debunked. There is only ONE WAY to sell effectively (like the top 1%), and it's the complete opposite of the selling systems that have now been around for close to 100 years.

Short Videos Tutorials

Woluld You Like Some Help With Sales?

Training Packages With Certified Trainers Start at $4,000 per Month

$100,000 Minimum To Work Directly With MRG Founder, John Martinez

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