Would You Like To Train Salespeople Like I Do?

Does this story sound familiar?

Over a 15-year period I went from college, to insurance salesman, to a variety of mid-level account executive roles, to director of Sales and Marketing for a privately owned technology company...

I guess you can say I climbed the corporate ladder all the way to the top.

From all commission to a six figure salary...

From lowest man on the totem pole to leadership...

I should have felt successful...

But, I didn't feel successful at all. I was actually quite stressed, overwhelmed and just felt stuck.


What's Missing At The Top

The truth of the matter is, as my pay packages grew over time, so did my family, quality of life.... and expenses... so I never was able to put away tons of extra money.

Now, part of this was my fault... I decided to enjoy life and the time I had off instead of packing away every spare cent and spending my time off changing my own oil, mowing the lawn and doing whatever I could to save a buck. I take responsibility for that.

Time off... technically there was plenty.... nights and weekends.

But, in order for me to reach my goals I was working at 6 am and rarely finished up until 7 in the evening. I spent my weekends preparing for the upcoming week and catching up on reports. So, in reality there really wasn't much time off.

Oh... and goals... I never seemed to hit them and was stressed out all of the time. Now, my performance constantly improved, but it felt like whenever I got close to hitting a goal or bonus, the goal line was moved a little further out.

One day I woke up and thought to myself...

"Is this it? Is this my life for the next 20-30 years!"

If this was the top, I wasn't happy with it at all.

I came to realize that this wasn't uncommon at all... all of my peers from mid-level management to leadership roles were experiencing the same...

But, knowing I wasn't alone didn't bring me any comfort.

I Was Playing It Safe & Getting Nowhere Fast...

I came to realize over time, that the riskiest thing I could do was "play it safe". I knew there was zero chance of a better life... of true fulfillment if I didn't do something different.

So... I Decided To Become A Sales Trainer

It's been a heck of a ride since I started my sales training business.

Five years ago, I started with a single client at $3,000 per month.

Everything was a struggle...

I had no real training content of my own... that took hundreds of hours to develop over a three year period...

I didn't know how to get a consistent flow of new customers, so I spent the vast majority of my time cold calling...

I used an outdate training model, so I was still working 80-hour weeks in order to deliver training and consulting to my various clients.

It wasn't easy, but at least I was working for myself.

A New Definition Of Success

A New Definition Of Success

Today things are different. I've learned a lot.

My 80-hour weeks have turned into 3-5 hour weeks because I've developed the right training model.

My monthly income now greatly exceeds what I used to make in a year when I was at my peak because I use a fully automated marketing system.

But it's not the money or the time that makes me successful...

It's what the money and the time provide...

Time for relaxation.

Time for family.

Travel and new experiences.

The relief of all financial stress.

Life on my own terms.

The Three Essential Pillars Of A Successful Sales Training Company

If you want to become one of the top 1% of sales trainers, there are few essential elements...

Automated Marketing System

A fully-automated system that consistently finds and delivers high-quality, pre-sold prospects 365 days per year... even while you sleep

Effective Sales Training Content

High impact sales training that provides real results for customers and doesn't infringe an anyone else's intellectual property

Simple Delivery Platform

A turn-key sales training delivery system that's ready to go whether in a seminar, on customer premises, or online.

Would You Like To Become A Sales Trainer?

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