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If You'd Like My Help Building Your Own Sales Training Business, Here's What You'll Get...

Sales Training Curriculum and Content

You'll get access to our high-impact sales training curriculum and content that provides real results for customers, doesn't infringe on anyone else's intellectual property, and generates tons of referrals.

Train-the-Trainer Coaching Program

Knowing the sales training material and using it to teach others are two very different things. There's a specific way to coach and train others so that they can understand, adopt and implement the sales training. You'll be able to do exactly that after learning our selling methodology.

A Done-For-You Online Training Portal

A turn-key online sales training platform that's always ready to go for however many teams or salespeople you train... you will be able to train via live stream, teleconference, pre-recorded videos, webinars, etc.

Marketing Best Practices

We'll share with you exactly how we find our clients. You can prospect or market any number of ways, but we're happy share with you how we have been doing it predictably and consistently for years.

Lead To Client Conversion Process

Once you have leads, you'll need a streamlined process for converting them into clients. You'll learn our proprietary process for turning prospects into clients.

Ongoing Guidance and Support

The MRG staff will help guide and mentor you along the way. It's best to take advice from those who have the experience and track record of success building a sales training business.

Inside Your Personal Sales Training Portal...

  • Accept payments
  • Offer multiple price points for each course.
  • Coupons customized for each payment type.
  • Invite or remove participants from courses
  • Host and stream audio and video
  • Daily backups
  • Discussion questions/prompts for specific activities/content
  • General course-wide Q&A and forum
  • Receive email notifications when a student posts a question
  • Send email announcements to all participants in the course
  • Students can mark each activity as “complete”, and track their own progress
  • Student dashboard feature shows students’ activity completion and comment rates, with data for the whole course or by lesson
  • Host teleconferences with slides, group chat, and automatic recording
  • Host video broadcasts with slides, group chat, and automatic recording
  • Easy access to support via Phone, Skype, Email, Live Chat, Facebook Group, Knowledge Base, Training Courses, and Tutorials
  • Your students ALSO have easy access to support as they register, pay, and access your courses

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