John Martinez's 7-Figure Coaching Business Blueprint

In This 7-Hour Workshop Video Series, I Share Exactly How I Built My 7-Figure Coaching Business So You Can Replicate It For Yourself.

The workshop attendees who flew to Springfield, MO for this 1-day workshop each paid $5,000. You'll get the video series for just a small fraction of that...

My 7-Figure Business Plan

MARKETING – How My Automated Marketing Machine Consistently and Predictably Generates Qualified Leads

Content Marketing


Creating content videos

Video Blueprint/Structure

Best practices

Facebook Invisible Funnel

Cold Funnel

Warm Funnel

Conversion Funnel


What should be on there to increase leads/conversions?

How should it be structured?

Best practices

YouTube Channel



CONVERSIONSHow I Convert Leads To Clients In Under 15-Minutes Without Any Selling


Lead Collection (What should the online lead form or application look like?)

Automating the sales process (only talk to the most qualified prospects)

App to Calendar to call

Call scripting/best practices

Quick action/anchoring email

DELIVERY - How I Deliver Coaching To 1,400+ Students In Just 2-Hours Per Week


Determining Your Program structure/Curriculum

Training delivery methods

Client interaction

Pricing Models


Would You Like Instant Access To The 7-FC Workshop Video Series?

Short Video Clips From The Workshop

Would You Like Instant Access To The 7-FC Workshop Video Series?