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This special Bootcamp was designed for Real Estate Investors, Acquisition Agents, and anyone else who needs to buy or contract properties at deep discounts, direct from seller.


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July 2017 2-Day REI Sales Academy Bootcamp Video Recording

Couldn't make the Bootcamp, but still want to experience it?


Don't worry, we have a solution.


We invited an A/V crew into our July 2017 Bootcamp to catch all the action over those intense two days.


You can buy your own copy of this Bootcamp recording, and be a fly on the wall as John Martinez and 45 top notch investors discuss how to buy even more houses at the deepest discounts.


With this video, you'll get something the investors in the room didn't... you'll get to replay, revisit, rewind and go through the content as often as you like. You won't miss a thing.


This truly is a limited time offer. Only 25 extra of these 60 GB USB drives containing the complete Bootcamp footage were produced.

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"Did Attendees Actually See Results?"

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Want Your Own Bootcamp Video?

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