Would you like to have an REI Sales Academy Certified Investor train you and your team to buy even more houses at deeper discounts... IN YOUR MARKET?

John Martinez, or one of his certified trainers will work with you and your team, side-by-side, in the trenches, for the most advanced hands on training possible.


Here's What Will Happen When We Arrive In Your Market...


Our REI Sales expert will shadow your sales team on appointments. They will observe, make mental notes and coach your staff to higher performance.


The REI Sales Expert will demonstrate how to execute a perfect acquisitions sales call, so your team can see the process in action. We will go on as many sales calls as you can book, and help ensure that all closable deals are closed down.


If we have some down time, our REI Sales expert can follow up with sellers, uncover what's getting in the way of the deal from moving forward, and revive those dead deals.


There are always some loose ends and questions we can help with. Do you need help with how to handle the initial call, or other sales-related situations? Just ask... we can help while we are there. And, John Martinez will be easily accessible to jump in wherever he needs to along the way.

Challenges Addressed

Prospects Who “Go Dark”

Long Sales Cycles

Competing With Other Investors

Salespeople Who Compete On Price

Lack of a Systematic Formula for Sales

Low Conversion Rates (at any stage in the sales process)

Poor Lead Nurturing Practices

Low Margins

And Many More…



Greg Helbeck

Principal/Founder, Velocity House Buyers

Greg's relentless focus on REI Sales Process and acquisitions best practices has made Velocity House Buyers a leader in the New York market. Greg still personally buys multiple houses, direct from seller, every month.


John Martinez

Founder & President, REI Sales Academy & Midwest Revenue Group

John has trained the sales teams of over 200 RE Investors, multiple fortune 500s, and the salespeople in almost 50 other industries. His common sense approach to selling simply gets results.

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