I know my business model well... I live it and breathe it every day.

My product happens to be sales training, but it really could be anything.

My success is 99% due to the business model I lean on.

In just two hours per week, I run my entire 7-figure business... 

I'm able to do this because of the automated digital marketing, conversion and delivery systems I've developed. 

I spent 5 years perfecting it through trial and error (mostly error.... very expensive errors).

I'm happy to share with you everything I've learned.

Whether you'd like to build a coaching business like me, or just find new clients online for any type of business... I can help.


Here's A Day In My Life...

In the Beginning...

It's been a heck of a ride since I started my business.

Five years ago, I started with a single client.

Everything was a struggle...

I didn't know how to get a consistent flow of new customers...

I was still working 60+ hour weeks.

Nothing in my business was automated... I'm not sure I'd even classify it as a business... I was a highly paid laborer.

It wasn't easy.

I Was Seduced By the Dark Side...

(The Guru Coaching Model)

I tried to model the "gurus" when I wanted to scale my coaching business.

I thought they had it all figured out... that they had the secrets I needed... I thought that they were massively successful.

I found out that most of the "gurus" were miserable because of their business models though...

A lot of them were stressed out...

Many had extremely high overhead...

The majority had unbearable travel schedules...

Their massive funnels were often break-even at best...

So, they were forced to sell super-high ticket items just to make a profit...

City to city.... stage to stage they went. It was a hamster wheel they could never get off.

I realized at that point that my model rocked... I had cracked the code on the perfect lifestyle business model without even knowing it.

My Coaching Business Today...

Today things are different. I've learned a lot.

My long weeks have disappeared because I've developed the right business model.

But it's not the money or the time that makes me successful...

It's what the money and the time provide...

Time for relaxation.

Time for family.

Travel and new experiences.

The relief of all financial stress.

Life on my own terms.

The Foundation Of My 7-Figure Business

I've learned that if you want to join the top 1% of business owners, and still enjoy life, there are few essential elements...

Automated Marketing System

A fully-automated system that consistently finds and delivers high-quality, pre-sold prospects to you 365 days per year... even while you sleep...

Streamlined Conversion (Sales) Process

A systematic approach to converting leads into customers without a lot of convincing or time wasted talking to tire-kickers...

Effective Content and Curriculum

High impact coaching that provides real results and can be delivered to the masses with very little time or effort.

The 7-Figure Business/Coaching Online Workshop...

You Missed The LIVE Workshop, But You Can Get The Video PLUS So Much More!

Not too long ago I hosted an all day workshop where I went through exactly how I run my business today. We covered ALL of my systems and processes in depth. Every strategy, all the marketing, automation and best practices...

That workshop video series, along with samples, worksheets and click-by-click implementation instructions are now available to the public. 

Here's What's Inside The Online Workshop...

If You'd Like Access To The Online Workshop, Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

Complete 7-Figure Business/Coach Workshop Video Series

  • Live Workshop Part 1
  • Live Workshop Part 2
  • Live Workshop Part 3
  • Live Workshop Part 4
  • Slide Deck from the Live Coaching Workshop (pdf)

Step-By-Step Build Out Instructions: Initial Planning

  • Niching Down & Finding Your Unique Strength Worksheet

Step-By-Step Build Out Instructions: Setting Up Your Business Infrastructure

  • Step-By-Step Website Building Tutorial
  • Set Up Your Online Training Portal
  • Set Up An Automated Email Marketing Platform
  • Set Up Your YouTube Channel
  • Set Up Your Facebook Page
  • Set Up Your Automation Tool
  • Get Yourself A Canva Account
  • Set Up Your Calendar Scheduler

Step-By-Step Building Out Instructions: Build Your Automated Marketing Systems

  • Content Creation Roadmap (For Marketing and Your Paid Program)
  • Content Production Options/Methods
  • SAMPLE: Content Video
  • SAMPLE: Lead Magnet
  • TUTORIAL: Building Your Email Drip
  • TUTORIAL: Uploading a Video to YouTube
  • TUTORIAL: Uploading a Video to Your Facebook Business Page
  • TUTORIAL: Creating an Cold Audience in Facebook When You Don't Have a List Through Demographics
  • TUTORIAL: Uploading a Prospect List and Creating a Lookalike Audience for Cold Traffic in Facebook
  • TUTORIAL: Another Way To Optimize Your Lookalike Audiences
  • TUTORIAL: Creating Your Cold Facebook Campaign
  • TUTORIAL: Optimizing Your Cold Facebook Campaign
  • TUTORIAL: Creating Warm Facebook Audiences (10-Second and 25% Video Views)
  • TUTORIAL: Creating Your Warm Facebook Campaign
  • TUTORIAL: Optimizing Your Campaign - Using Campaign Budget Optimization (Or Use This When Switching From Ad Set Budgets to CBO)
  • TUTORIAL: Building a Conversion Ad in Facebook
  • TUTORIAL: Facebook Lead Ad

Step-By-Step Build Out Instructions: Setting Up Your Sales/Conversions System

  • Kern-Style Offer Template
  • Application Process
  • Sales Call Outline
  • Pricing Strategies
  • EMAIL SAMPLE: This Is Sent If A Prospect Submits An Application, But Doesn't Self-Schedule The Sales Call On Our Calendar
  • EMAIL SAMPLE: Sales Call Cancellation
  • EMAIL SAMPLE: Offer Email That Is Sent After The Sales Call Is Completed
  • EMAIL SAMPLE: "Discount Expires Today" Email
  • EMAIL SAMPLE: Another Email We Send to Remind Prospects About An Expiring Discount
  • EMAIL SAMPLE: Bootcamp Flash Sale Email Series

Step-By-Step Build Out Instructions: Building Your Delivery System(s)

  • Online Model Overview
  • SAMPLE: Our Online Portal Walk Through
  • SAMPLE: Actual Training Call Recording
  • Consulting Model Overview
  • Events Model Overview

Download the Workshop Slide Deck

Take a peek at some of what we covered during the workshop...

Would You Like To Build a 7-Figure Coaching (or Any Other Type of) Business?

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Get Instant Access & Start Building Your Coaching Business NOW

Would You Like To Build a 7-Figure Coaching Business?

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Get Instant Access & Start Building Your Coaching Business NOW