REISA Advanced Training Sessions

Role Play * Scripting * Sales Process Implementation

Review Stalled Deals & Get Them Moving Again

Who Is This For?

This is advanced training EXCLUSIVELY for REI Sales Academy students.

All Prior REI Sales Academy Bootcamp Attendees

Enrollees Of the REI Sales Academy Unlimited Online Training Program Who Have Completed At Least One Full Round

Those Who Have Completed The REI Sales Academy Bootcamp Video Series

What Will It Do?

This is where the rubber meets the road. With acquisitions, knowledge is power, but implementation provides results. REI Sales Academy experts will help you implement.

Stalled Deal Reviews

Role Play

Open Q&A

REI Sales Academy Implementation Training

How Does It Work?

The REI Sales Academy will host weekly group calls.

Participants can submit deals that are stuck, stalled out or that they would like some help with.

We'll have open Q&A.

We will script & role play through relevant current scenarios.

Together, we'll discuss:

What To Do Next

Clear next steps will be outlined.

How To Do It

We'll Practice what will need to be communicated and how to communicate it.

When To Do It

We'll commit to a timeline.

Review Results

The following week we will review the results.


How Long Is This Program?

This is a simple month-to-month commitment. Cancel any time. Re-join any time.

Who Will Host and Moderate?

John Martinez, Greg Helbeck and the occasional guest will host these sessions... so you can hear not only from John, but also from investors who have mastered these systems, put them into their own words, and implemented them into their businesses. 

Will These Calls Be Recorded?

Every call will be recorded and catalogued. No worries if you miss one or need to revisit one... it'll be easy.

I've Never attended the Online REI Sales Academy or a Bootcamp... Can I Attend?

No. You must be a current or past Online Academy, Bootcamp Video Series or Live Bootcamp participant to join this group.

Will I Be Able To Have My Stalled Deals Reviewed On Every Call?

No. These are group sessions, so chances are that you will not have a call reviewed every session.

If you would like that, please inquire about 1-on-1 advanced training. (1-on-1 training packages start at $6,000 per month)

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