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8-Part Sales Management Course


This is an 8 part course on sales management essentials, delivered by John Martinez and Rocky LaGrone.

Eight Live sessions were recorded and placed in the training portal for you. This is NOT LIVE. These are recordings from the live delivery.

The cost of the live 8-week training was $3,000, but your cost for the recorded version is just $2,000.

*One OMG Sales Leadership Assessment will be included. The individual who directly manages the sales team should take this assessment.

Topics Covered In This Course:

Sales Leadership Competencies - Understanding your Report

As part of your enrollment you will complete a Sales Leadership Evaluation Questionnaire. This report measures your skills, strengths, and challenges as it relates to our 28 Core Competencies.  Here we’ll help you understand your findings and use them as a place to focus your Sales Leadership development.

Sales System    

It is necessary to have a milestone centric sales process to control consistent outcomes are pre-determined by not only knowing where you are in the sales process, but more importantly knowing where your prospect is and what you must do to get them to the next step.  Utilizing a milestone centric sales process, you will always know what to do next and why.

It is also critical to have a defined milestone centric sales process to coach your sales people. We’ll help you build your process and be able to teach your sales people to faster growth with lessons from each coaching call, and faster profits.


The sales manager is responsible for the success of the sales force.

The effective leader will identify the behaviors or activities where the salesperson has fallen short and help that salesperson redirect their focus to engage in the behaviors or activities necessary to bring about the desired result.

In this course, we will help you develop a game plan for greatness, give you some tools you can use to help your salespeople define the behaviors required for their personal success, and suggest some strategies for account development.


A coach’s job is to help a person perform at a higher level than that person would perform at on their own. The sales coach helps salespeople to identify and act upon the correct priorities, behaviors and activities. Through coaching, the sales manager helps the team maintain the right mindset and attitude required for success.

In this course, we are going to provide a framework for you that you can use for your coaching sessions. We will give you some suggestions about how to ask the right questions to identify if your people are dealing with technical or conceptual issues, and how you can work through the debrief to ensure they are learning the right lessons.

Growing the Team    

Growing the team is one of the primary responsibilities of a sales manager. That means each and every day, the sales manager needs to work to develop their team. Every individual on the team should grow a little bit each day. With consistent improvement, the team can achieve greatness.

In this module, we will discuss the functions of growth and share methods that you can use to help your salespeople overcome the challenges they face. The prevailing obstacles to a salesperson’s growth can often be tracked back to five hidden weaknesses. Once these weaknesses are fixed, abolished and taken away, the ceiling on a salesperson’s growth is removed.

Practice these principles and foundations in your coaching, and you will grow your team beyond recognition.


In a perfect world, people would be motivated all the time. In reality, our level of motivation ebbs and flows.

The role of a sales manager includes keeping your salespeople motivated. Developing a system with the proper prevention and intervention strategies will help thwart potential problems that can de- motivate your salespeople. There is more to motivation than offering a reward or threatening with repercussion.

In this module, we’ll explore the building blocks of human motivation and how to set up your motivational success system.

Time Management   

In the 70’s Jim Croce wrote a classic song If I could save time in a bottle. We can’t save time, add time, or change time. We cannot prevent it from passing and once it has passed, it is gone forever.

You can’t manage time. You can only manage your schedule and how you use time. How you use time is driven by your priorities, your vision, and your mission.

This course will give you proven, time-tested, but non-traditional ways to deal with stretched schedules, having to do more with less, and where to focus your energy and resources. We’ll introduce the principles of ‘meeting management’ and balance that will help you learn to use time more effectively to improve your profit position.

Talent Management  

What does the hand you’ve been dealt look like? Do you want to hold them or fold them?

This course will take you all the way through the employment life line. We’ll explore the best practices for hiring and interview tips and employee development and the do’s and don’ts of termination.

We often survey employees and ask what they need to do to get an A on their proverbial report card. Then we ask the same of their managers. The difference in what we find is enormous!

In this course, you will learn a variety of systems and formulas to deal with problem employees, and how to help them make the grade along with an organized approach to the dreaded ‘employee evaluation’.

A team’s performance is a reflection of the team leader!

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