The Story Of The Reluctant Marketer

Hi, my name is John Martinez, and this is the story of the reluctant marketer... my story.

It all started about four years ago...

At that time I realized that I needed to start marketing for my sales training business.

You see... All of my business came from referrals.

While that was great, I lived in constant fear that if the sales training referrals ever dried up, my business would die.

I felt like I had zero control over finding new clients... like I was living off of the charity of clients who took the time to refer business to me.... because that's exactly what was happening.

I was completely dependent on a client acquisition channel I had no control over... all of my eggs were in one basket.

So, I did what most business owners in my situation would do... I hired a local marketing company... we produced a handful of useless videos and a website that was never finished. $30,000

I was referred to an national marketing firm... they produced a handful of Facebook ads that collected email addresses for 10x the cost I could do on my own... $10,000

Over the next 18 months I bought courses, consulting, worked with a few marketing freelancers and another company or two... $100,000+

Finally, I came to the realization that I needed to do something drastic.

At that point, the referrals were still coming in, but my fear, anxiety and stress around having no control over customer acquisition was getting worse.

The Best In the World (Literally)

I started to learn from the best in the world... literally.

I picked up what I could from the world's greatest direct-response marketer, and from another with over $1 Billion in online and infomercial sales, and from another who actually trains the top performing marketers in the world ....

Luckily, I was able to exchange training their sales teams for 1-on-1 marketing lessons. Funny thing was, the best marketers in the world could produce a lot of leads, but wanted a little help turning them into clients... my specialty. It was a match made in heaven.

Ultimately, I learned the secret to marketing effectively...

Today, I continue test, split-test and evolve... but, I can say with complete confidence that now I know exactly what I'm doing.

It feels great!

Frank Kern - World's Leading Direct Response Marketer

The Secret to Marketing Effectively

A marketing strategy that consistently and predictively turns $1 into $2 (which is all that marketing really is) is made up of four essential pillars.

It must build a community of raving fans by giving first, allow the individuals in that community to take action when the timing is just right and be scalable through automation...

1. Actually HELP PEOPLE Instead of Telling Them How You Could Help

I used to think that great marketers had a way with words, and could outline the benefits of a product or service in an extremely compelling way.

I was wrong... they don't explain... they show.

Think of it, when you go buy a new car, does the salesman explain the driving experience or do you get behind the wheel and drive?

This is best accomplished today through content marketing... typically in video form.

Simply put, create videos that actually help people, not try to constantly sell them.

2. BUILD A COMMUNITY of Fans, Not a List of Prospects

There's a different between a list and a community.

Ineffective marketers build lists. They're worthless. You probably have lists right now, tons of names and email addresses...

You might even try to contact that list every now and then with an offer...

But those lists are probably not converting consistently and predictably into sales. If they were, you would have stopped reading this a few minutes ago.

A community is a group of believers... of die hard fans.

The Beatles have a community. Organized religions have communities. Star Wars and Seinfeld have communities. Apple has a community.

You can build a community by repeatedly exposing your list to the helpful content I mentioned above.

Great tools to accomplish this are retargeting campaigns (Facebook is best right now for that... even for business to business stuff), social media groups, YouTube, and email nurturing campaigns.

3. AUTOMATE & SCALE the Entire System

Once you have good content that actually helps people...

And you know what avenues you want to use to continue giving them valuable content...

You'll want to get as many eyeballs as possible on as much content as possible.

You want to automate and scale. An effective marketing system needs to be able to grow effortlessly and work while you sleep.

For example, one of my YouTube channels accomplishes the equivalent of 50 full time salespeople sharing my company story every day. This is all accomplished at no cost to me and happens 365 days per year, while growing strength like a snowball rolling down a hill.

With our few content distribution channels combined, we now share our story with over 1,000,000 people per month.

Zero intro emails sent. Zero cold calls made. Zero staff need.


Prospects are people. People are all different. Each is on their own buying journey. Some become customers within 30 seconds and others within 30 weeks.

Most marketing funnels are ineffective because they try to push prospects to a next step too early (causing them to disengage), or by waiting too long to reveal a next step (no next step = no sale).

So, the call-to-action must be dynamic. It must adapt to each and every prospect... no matter what stage of their buying journey they're in.


The Net Effect Of It all

I've now been using this marketing method for quite awhile, conducting endless experiments and treating my business like a marketing test lab. I've learned a lot, but a lot of other cool things have happened, too...

Sales are 10x easier. By the time I talk to someone, there is already an established relationship, a level of trust, and they already know I can actually help them.

This means I get to be choosey with who I work with. I only take on the perfect clients and turn the rest away... and yes, we do turn troublemakers away.

I have a predictable ROI on every marketing dollar we spend. Basically, for every $1 we put into our marketing machine, we get $10-$20 out.

The Ugly Truth

I know this all sounds pretty cool, so allow me to now rain on your parade.

This is not a get rich quick solution.

You need to have a great product or service for it to work.

You have to genuinely want to help people without expecting anything in return for this to work.

And, you need to be patient.

This type of marketing is a long term solution. You build it once, and it simply gets more and more effective with every week that goes by.

. Obviously, the more time that goes by, the larger your community gets, and the more they will look to you for help.

Word spreads, results exponentially increase, and you gain complete control over your business.

Here's What To Do If You'd Like Some Marketing Help...

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