REI Marketing Summit Video Series

REI Marketing Summit Video Series

Recently I was able to pull in some amazing marketing resources and and put on a 1-Day REI Marketing Intensive.

For 8 hours, in front of 50 or so of my Bootcamp attendees, each REI Marketing EXPERT shared their best REI Marketing tips, tactics and strategies.

Literally nothing was held back.

They weren't selling anything or signing anyone up for anything... they were simply sharing what they were doing that was working for them and their clients.


I ponied up to bring a camera into the room and catch it all on video.

That very same video is now available to you.

Here’s Who is on the REI Marketing Summit Video and the topics they presented on:

  • Frank Kern (YES, the FRANK KERN... best direct marketer in the world) – How to Stand Out and Beat Your Competition
  • Stephanie Betters – Facebook Marketing for Motivated Sellers
  • Scott Corbett – REI Digital Marketing Mastery
  • Jason Nickel – Text Blasting (the legal way)
  • Todd Swaggerty – Direct Mail that Won’t Fail
  • Larry Higgins – Specialty Skip Tracing for Hidden Gems
  • Christina Krause – Working Probate Properly
  • Justin Morgan – Raising Private Money
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