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Your New Secret Weapon


Investor Machine is a powerful system and our "franchise-like" platform that tells you EXACTLY who to market to. 

We're DATA GEEKS, and our Proven and Propriatary Data Analysis has 1 Goal: Help YOU Do More Profitable Deals While Reducing Your Cost Per Acquisition!

Here's What It Looks Like as a Member of Investor Machine:

Lead Generation


Let's be honest...all leads are not equal. Our in-house agency provides a more robust lead generation solution than you've likely ever seen before...

You see...our leadership team has done THOUSANDS of deals...and spent MILLIONS of our OWN Dollars on advertising....we know YOUR pain!

  • Data: We have created a sophisticated and proprietary data analysis system to identify seller motivation. We analyze millions of data points in your market on a monthly basis to create a Customized Marketing Plan just for YOU!
  • Direct Mail:​We execute your direct mail marketing with military precision...we order your mail for you, so inconsistent lead flow will become a thing of the past.
  • Outbound Calling & SMS Marketing: We provide you with current phone data for the most motivated sellers in your market, so your marketing plan has a 1-2 PUNCH when you connect direct mail marketing, cold calling and SMS Marketing.  We also give guidance on the very best tools to use to stay compliant and maximize your performance.
  • We're Here for YOU!  Think of us as your "Strategic Marketing Partner"!

Operating Systems


We're partnered with several of the top CRM systems in the industry, and most of the cutting edge technology available to real estate investors today.  Inside our community, you'll get exposure to the very best of 'what's working now', to make sure you're always operating up to your maximum potential.

  • Inside of the Investor Machine, we'll advise you on what CRM operating systems are best for you, your business, and your goals.
  • We'll share access to the very best software and systems that top real estate investors are using today to generate and convert more leads.
  • Our training library is continuously being updated to share operations training for YOU and YOUR team.

Lead Management & Nurturing


Lead intake and handling couldn't be more critical to your business but is perhaps the MOST PAINFUL part of your business. As the CEO of your business, you likely HATE being 'on call' just in case a lead comes in. You likely also HATE talking to 5-10 sellers to just get 1-2 great leads. We'll help guide you through this process.

  • We'll guide you through the process of putting call center solutions in place, as needed, based on your availability.
  • Whether you're using your own CRM, or one that we recommend, we'll help provide follow up scripts so you're staying on top of your leads without sacrificing your valuable time.
  • Need a Virtual Assistant to help?  We've got you covered there too!  We'll help you source and train your virtual assistants as well, to remove some of your administrative burden.

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Property Acquisitions


This is where you come in. We free up many of the burdens of being a small business so you can focus on property acquisitions (and God forbid, enjoying your life more!). If you need help here, check out the REI SALES ACADEMY training program.

Investor Machine Member Community


Your Investor Machine fellow member community is made up of other hardworking and giving real estate entrepreneurs from across the country. Our management team has created best-in-class, peer-to-peer communities that are life-changing for professional real estate investors, and Investor Machine is no different. Your future best friends and respected colleagues are waiting for you....

  • 2 Member Only Community Calls per Month
  • 24 X 7 Training Center to Keep You (and your team!) Sharp
  • 2 Member Only National Conferences and Retreats per Year
  • 24 X 7 Online Member Only Community and Forum

Professional Investors Only!

The Investor Machine is not for new real estate

investors with no recent experience. 

Experienced investors only!


Step #1: Apply - We're Excited to Meet you! 

Take a few minutes to apply and tell us more about your experience and your goals. This will prepare us to learn more about who you are, and allow us to see if we might be a fit.

Step #2: Schedule A Call With Us 

As soon as you apply, you can schedule a no-obligation call with our team to see if you're a fit (and if we're a fit for you!). We'll answer your questions, and get to know you better to see if the Investor Machine makes sense for you. We have limited availability for members in each market, so we'll also let you know if your market is still available

Step #3: Commit 

If we invite you to join, and you're excited about the opportunity, we'll share how you can formally become a member of the Investor Machine family and quickly get started.

Step #4: Get Started 

As soon as you Commit, a flurry of activity will begin to get you integrated into our team as quickly as possible so you can benefit from your Investor Machine!

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“It takes a team to build the dream” – We’ve put all the pieces together for you!


  • The Investor Machine IS the most advanced lead generation system for real estate investors + member community in America
  • The Investor Machine IS only for professional real estate investors actively focused on building their businesses and building better lives for themselves and their families
  • The Investor Machine IS built and operated by investors that have been involved in thousands of transactions and understand your needs better than perhaps anyone else.
  • The Investor Machine IS NOT for investors spending less than $5,000 per month on lead generation.
  • The Investor Machine IS NOT a coaching program, although the knowledge sharing and lessons learned are priceless.
  • The Investor Machine IS NOT for those that don't want to be part of a learning and sharing community of professionals, or those that are selfish.

Is Your Market Still Available?

We limit the number of members per market in the Investor Machine, so we don't oversaturate our advertising. Some markets are already closed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you guarantee that I'll get rich if I join? 

A: Sorry...this isn't a 'get rich quick' opportunity. We believe that a systematic approach to operating your business, years of hard work, and dedication over many years is the way to be successful in real estate investing. We don't believe in 'getting rich quick', unicorns or leprechauns.  

Q: How can I learn if my market is available?

A: If you're seriously interested in joining, and are an experienced real estate investor, please Apply to the program and schedule a call with our team to discuss further. We do limit the number of members allowed in each market. 

Q: Are you an advertising agency?

A: Yes, but so much more. We're like an agency, caring friend and a community of amazing people like you all in one!

Q: Is there a long term commitment if I join?

A: No. We ask for a one year commitment, but if it's not the right fit for you and you're in good standing, we would never try to entrap you. We have to earn your business back every single month.  Our goal is to become so valuable to you that you never want to leave!

Q: If I leave, can I take my leads with me?

A: We hope you never leave, but the burden is on us to add that much value to your life. You own your leads. In fact, we generally don't even have access to your leads that are generated from advertising efforts.

Q: Is Investor Machine only for experienced investors?

A: Generally, yes.  We're looking for long term members, and experienced investors understand the importance of investing in themselves and into lead generation.