REI Acquisitions Role-Play

Why Role-Play?

When it's not planned and structured, it typically doesn't happen

You don't want to practice something for the first time in front of a seller

Ongoing repetition brings comfort and mastery

It's helpful to hear others role play because you can adopt what you like

Here's What You'll Get With This Program:

Some of the Situations Students Submitted That We Will Role-Play...

“I’d like to play out a situation where the seller is motivated and they know they’ll accept a lower price, but my price is an additional 20k-40k lower.”

“I have trouble digging deeper into pain. It makes me feel really uncomfortable because I don’t want to upset the seller.”

“I always feel weird ‘setting the stage’ so I find myself forgetting to do it often.”

“I will just call one of your competitors."

“That offer is too low. The house down the street went for X.”

"We are getting a ton of 'oh we have other investors coming through'- how do we go about that?"

“I would like to see the build up from problem, impact and picture perfect with a focus on impact and picture perfect.”

“I have the most trouble when I can’t build rapport with someone and when they don’t talk much.”

“How do I ask what debt they have (mortgage & liens)?”

Details & FAQs:

Who Will Host and Moderate?

Greg Helbeck will spearhead this thing. We will also have co-hosts and guest hosts (including John Martinez)... and otherREI greats... so you can hear the perspective from investors who have mastered these systems, put them into their own words, and implemented them into their businesses. 

How Does It Work?

You might want to check out the recording of our first call (on this page) so you can hear it for yourself. But, I'll summarize... we will choose a situation, break it down and determine the root cause, discuss what we would need to say or ask, and then actually do it.

Will They Be Recorded?

Every call will be recorded and catalogued. No worries if you miss one or need to revisit one... it'll be easy.

I've Never attended the Online REI Sales Academy or a Bootcamp... Can I Still Role-Play?

No. You must be a current or past Online Academy or Bootcamp participant to join this role-play group.

When and Where?

The calls will take place in an online portal where participants can interact through speech or text. Some will prefer talking... some typing, and some will just hang out and pick up ideas from those who are role-playing various scenarios. These role-play sessions will occur every other week, on various weekdays, at 10 AM Central, and will last an hour.

All sessions are scheduled weeks in advance and posted so investors and acquisition agents can plan accordingly.

Upcoming Role-Play Dates:

Thursday 10-31-19

Tuesday 11-12-19

Monday 11-25-19

Tuesday 12-10-19

Monday 12-23-19

Thursday 1-2-20

Thursday 1-16-20

Thursday 1-30-20

Tuesday 2-11-20

Tuesday 2-25-20


If You Sign Up BEFORE 10/31/19: No Enrollment Fee, $248/month

If You Sign Up AFTER 10/31/19: $496 Enrollment Fee, then $348/Month

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