The REI Sales Academy

Unlimited Live Weekly  Acquisitions Trainings

Trusted & Utilized By The Top 5% of Real Estate Investors

For Investors Who Want To Convert More Of Their Leads Into Contracts

Step-By-Step Sales Process

A predictable, consistent and reliable system for buying houses

Live Weekly Master's Classes

The training is always fresh, so it's never out-dated.

Scripts & Talk Tracks

Never be at a loss for words. Start with our scripts, then make them your own.

Unlimited Training

Purchase once, then train all current and future employees... forever

Actual Sales Call Recordings

Hear the sales process in action with real sellers

Sales Playbook

Customize our "sales playbook" so it's a perfect fit for personal or company use

Eliminate Your Toughest Competition

Learn to buy WITHOUT having the highest offer

Feel Good While Doing Good

Adopt a highly-effective, pressure-free and ethical selling system

Close Every "Closable" Deal

Never lose another deal to your competition, stalls or objections

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We’ll make a list of everything that’s not working… Then we’ll put together a rock-solid plan to fix it all.


You'll get the outline to a perfect REI sales call and even give you the exact scripting to use so you can get some quick wins.


You'll learn how to remove any sales pressure and prospect anxiety within the first 30 seconds of any interaction.


Discover how to use a simple questioning strategy to take any tiny bit of motivation that exists in a seller and turn it into a tremendous sense of urgency to take action.


You'll master how to remove any prospect resistance, big or small, without having to do anything weird, uncomfortable.


You'll learn how to quickly uncover anything that might get in the way of a deal, and how to move past it.


The right presentation will allow you to win deals even when you don’t have the highest offer.


You’ll learn four super simple and highly effective tactics to negotiate like a pro.


We'll spend 2 weeks running through common REI sales scenarios.

There's An Easier Way To Buy Houses...

Replace Yourself

Escape the Hamster Wheel of Despair

If you feel like you're stuck... like you've reached a plateau, then it's time to start replacing yourself.

Replace yourself in the acquisitions role

Replace yourself in the "sales training" role

Reallocate your time to what you love and where you can have the most impact

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When You Have A System, You Don't Need Superstars

People Leave & Make Mistakes. Processes Don't.

Rockstar salespeople are hard to find. They are sometimes difficult to manage. They're even harder to keep. And when they leave, most businesses take a huge step back and lose their momentum... they have to start over. With the right acquisitions process, you don't need rockstars. Simply place your employees in the system and let it do all the heavy lifting.

Simplify Scaling

Let Your Processes Do the Heavy Lifting

Eliminate Overhead & Stress

No One Becomes An Investor To Exponentially Increase Their Stress Levels

In order to grow, most investors increase their marketing spend. Their overhead grows tremendously while profit margins shrink. One bad month can send them into a tail-spin. That's no way to live. The best investors keep overhead manageable by focusing heavily on converting every closable deal. Stress disappears and profit margins soar.

Eliminate Crushing Marketing Budgets

Reduce Stress

Increase Profit Margins

Learn How To...

Eliminate "Maybes" & "Think-It-Overs" Forever

Win Deals Even When There Are Higher Offers On The Table

Overcome Objections

Close Deals Without Ever Putting Pressure On Your Prospect

Convert More Leads To Contracts With Consistency

Hear From Some Of Our Students...

I took it and its incredible! If you can master the techniques he teaches you will absolutely succeed in buying houses at a discount.

~ Arthur Botting

Best investment you can make for your business. Plus, it truly is an investment because they sign you up for the weekly online training that last a few months if I remember correctly, which you are allowed to take as many times as you need. PLUS, they are readily available to answer any questions.

~ Michael Herrera

Yep... been to the Bootcamp 3 times thus far. As good as it gets!

~ Justin Morgan

Yes, don’t even think twice. One of the best investments you can make.

~ Haim Mamane

Just used some REI Sales Academy sales tips to lock this one up...listen to what he says & implement it & you’ll do more deals! This seller is bringing $20k to the table to close this deal.

~ Ryan Berry

Guys/gals had a seller go dark after verbally accepting my price. have called, VA has called and we have both texted him... Sent him [a takeaway] text this morning and he responded within 5 minutes that [he wanted the deal and] he would call me back at 3pm. Have been in the REI Sales Academy training and recommend.

~ Tyler F. Thompson

My Acquisitions Team picked up a deal yesterday using some of the techniques they learned last week.......for 20% of value! Great stuff REI Sales Academy!!

~ Obi Dorsey

My acquisitions manager practiced going negative today. Lead came to us wanting $30,000 and to move fast. We immediately went negative saying it sounds like you need us to put you in touch with a great Realtor. She said no, she needed to sell fast. He then went and said we don’t buy homes in that area and have never bought anything there so we’d really have to get it way too low for her to consider. She dropped to 13,500. I then told my acquisitions manager to tell her gosh that sounds pretty good but we aren’t really in the market for a property that far out. We’d be closer to $4,000 to take on a house so far away in an area we aren’t comfortable in. She didn’t like the offer but we settled at $7500. This house will rent for $600 right now.

~ Brent Moreno

This REI sales training is fantastic – I have been in sales my entire life and have been involved in several sales training programs (Sandler / Covey Dale Carnegie). The REI Sales Academy training program is a blend of many programs as they apply to closing real estate deals did the online, once-a week-class and it was fantastic. Now need to make the time to go to one of the boot camps!

~ Paul Evans

I used to think I was kind of a beast when it came to negotiating with sellers. Then I attended the Bootcamp event and learned how much I didn’t know. Every salesperson in my office is in the REI Sales Academy now. Awesome stuff!

~ Jim Zaspel

Just a fair warning. You may start getting too many properties under contract. The REI Sales Academy is definitely underpricing the value they deliver.

~ Ivo Draginov

Just wanted to give the REI Sales Academy a big thank you. They graciously shared with me some of the training materials as well pointed me to the YouTube videos, all solid gold! People watch his videos; they will take your game to the next level!

~ Rocco Pirozzi 

The backbone of our sales approach is derived from the REI Sales Academy course.

~ Jared Vidales


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