Certified Trainers

john profile

John Martinez

John Martinez is the founder of Midwest Revenue Group and the REI Sales Academy. He has successfully trained more than 5,000 salespeople in four dozen industries and is the developer of the Inside-Out Sales Training Methodology.

Greg Profile

Greg Helbeck

Greg Helbeck is the Owner of Velocity Housebuyers. As a business owner who sells and negotiates on a daily basis, Greg is perfectly suited to work with sales teams and business owners to increase conversion rates and turn more leads into sales.

Eric Profile

Eric Brewer

Eric is the President and Owner of CR Property Group, Integrity Homebuyers and Liz Hamberger Team at Keller Williams. He has been teaching this proven sales process for over a decade. He has led and managed sales teams to successfully close over 5K sales transactions. Eric has been recognized as an industry leader in negotiating sales. His life’s passion is leading and developing sales people to have a greater impact on the people they serve.

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