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The following products & services are worthy of your consideration. I have a personal connection to each product and service on this page... I'm either a user/member, personally know & trust the leadership teams or have heard an overwhelming number of positive reviews about them from mutual clients.

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John Martinez

Mastermind Groups

I happen to be one of the founding members of the InvestorFuel Mastermind group. It's an REI Mastermind that's near and dear to me. Yes, there are tons of awesome real estate investors in the group, but I think what really sets it apart is the intimate family feel and friendships that you can develop within the InvestorFuel group.

The Inner Circle Elite is an REI Mastermind group that was put together by Don Costa and friends... Don is the real deal, with real experience and a heart of gold. I've known Don for a few years now and can say he's one of the most authentic people I've had the please to get to know in REI.

The Collective Genius needs no introduction. It's the most exclusive REI Mastermind in the country. Over the past three years I've had the pleasure of training the acquisitions teams of many of its members and have even created new businesses with a couple of them. It's truly an amazing group.

Over the years I've been able to get to know, and personally work with, many of the members of the 7 Figure Flipping group. I've watched them grow REI businesses that anyone would be proud to own or be associated with. If you're looking for a group to plug into, you might want to see if 7 Figure Flipping is a fit.

I absolutely love being a part of the Next Level Flipping mastermind. The quality of the people in the group are second to none, and it's all ONLINE (which I personally love -- being a hermit and all). If you're looking for a great mastermind (without the travel), then you'll want to give Next Level Flipping a look.


REI Automation Squad is a CRM built by my close friend, Don Ross. Don is a top real estate investor, a stand up guy and tech whiz. If you're looking for a solid CRM, check out Don's REI Automation Squad.

Carrot builds websites for investors... but, not just any old website. They're designed and proven to generate inbound leads. And... they work. The Carrot organization is run by one of the most genuine and amazing human beings I know, Trevor Mauch. If you need a website, check out Carrot.

Marketing Services

Yellow Letter HQ is a company that specializes in direct mail. It's operated by a top notch investor and human being, Todd Swaggerty. He also happens to be hilarious. It's so much more than your typical mail house though... check out Yellow Letter HQ if you're considering outsourcing your direct mail. I think you'll be impressed.

InvestorMachine is a turnkey marketing platform for real estate investors. The leadership team is second to none in terms of both experience and character. If you're looking to simplify lead generation, then InvestorMachine is definitely worth checking out.

Additional High-Value Services

Nobody knows student housing like Dixie Decker. Her and her husband are close friends of mine and I've been blown away by the student housing business they've built in our home town. If you want to learn about student housing, I believe the Dixie Decker is the only person to learn from. She's the real deal.

Objective Management Group provides industry-leading salesperson assessments. If you need to hire salespeople, you'll want to check out the  OMG Sales Assessments before doing so... they might just save you from making a costly hiring mistake.

Sharper Business Solutions is led by Gary Harper. Gary is not just one of the most nicest and most sincere people I know, he also has quite the knack for helping businesses of all shapes and sizes grow through the implementation of proven systems and processes. If you're scaling, or want to, check out Sharper Business Solutions.

Rocket Station is my preference when it comes to virtual assistant services. I've worked with more than a dozen VAs from Rocket Station over the years and have never had a poor experience. I believe that the high quality of service and attention to detail start with the company's leadership. I've personally known Robert Nickell, the Founder and CEO of Rocket Station, for quite some time and have partnered with him on several projects.